Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jennifer Lopez fired her manager for the weight reason


Jennifer Lopez confessed she once fired, in her early career years, a manager who was very critical with her shapes. He repeatedly advising her to loose some weight so she could look thin like actress Heather Locklear.
At the beginning, when I first started doing music and movies I think I had this attitude that I didn't have to be like anyone else.
I didn't have to conform to being very thin. I had this manager who was very critical of my shape, he felt
that everyone should look like Heather Locklear - thin and blonde. I fired him.
- said Jennifer -
Jennifer and her husband Marc Anthony, impressed by the hurricane tragedy in Louisiana, decided to donate money to help the young victims of Katrina, and urged their fans to do the same.


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to star in Who Killed Hector Lavoe?


Jennifer Lopez has confirmed she will star with her third husband Marc Anthony in upcoming movie Who Killed Hector Lavoe?
Mark will take the lead role of Hector Lavoe - the man who brought salsa music to the US in 1975 - while Lopez will play his onscreen wife. It seems the diva loves mixing business and pleasure - she also appeared opposite of Ben Affleck when they were together.


Paul McCartney’s wife lost her leg in a fight with Jennifer Lopez’s bodyguards

Heather Mills McCartney

Paul McCartney’s wife, Heather Mills McCartney, lost her leg in a fight with Jennifer Lopez's security guards, because she tried to enter into the building, accompanied by an entourage of journalists and photographers at her New York office. She was leading the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) protests against Jennifer for using fur in her latest clothes collection, Sweetface.
I saw her touch her knee and I could see she was in pain. She limped to the ladies room but it was locked. I found another door open. It led on to the stairwell. At least she could have a private moment, which is what she needed."
- Richard Corkery tells -