Wednesday, December 28, 2005

David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez topped British role models poll

David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez have been named 2005's top role models for young people across Britain, according to a recent survey. Boys and girls aged between 16 and 21 choose football ace Beckham and singer/actress J.Lo as the best public figures they looked up to this year as part of a lifestyle study conducted by the Nationwide's UCB Home Loans sector.

England captain David Beckham topped the boys poll, followed by businessmen Bill Gates and Richard Branson in second and third place.

Hollywood actress and singer Jennifer Lopez topped the polls in the girls section for 2005's best role model, followed by Victoria Beckham, actress Jennifer Aniston and singer Britney Spears shared third place followed by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie in fourth place and singer Beyonce Knowles in fifth.

Model Jordan, author JK Rowling and singer Mariah Carey, American President George Bush, singer Robbie Williams and a host of sportsmen including Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen were also named as inspirational figures among teenagers.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss Pirelli calendar on eBay

Jennifer Lopez

An exclusive 2006 Pirelli calendar, which contains pictures with pop diva Jennifer Lopez and the supermodel Kate Moss, has leaked for sale on eBay.
According to the news, the Pirelli Company is giving the calendar as gifts, to his staff, VIPs and elite clients every year. As a result, the employees of the Company decided to sell it on eBay. Their gesture wasn't a disappointment one if Pirelli wasn't printing only 35,000 copies per year and none of them weren't sold or shown to the public. The limited edition souvenir has a staggering reserve price of $1700.
There's nothing to stop employees selling their calendars but it's not something we are totally happy about. People are given them as gifts and we hope they would keep them.
- The spokesman says -

Friday, December 02, 2005

Jennifer Lopez adds SPAM Lingerie to Sweetface Line

According to the recent news Jennifer Lopez will introduce edible lingerie made of SPAM to her Sweetface fashion line in time for Christmas. The fashion line will include bikini panties, thongs, bras, and revealing one-piece lounge wear. It will be available in 3 designer colors—pigskin, liver, and ham bone—the J-Lo "Glam in a Can" lingerie is made entirely of pig lips, entrails, and connective tissue. Everyone hopes J-Lo's SPAM lingerie turns out to be a good fit for SPAM.