Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jennifer Lopez Eats Spinach to Get Pregnant

Jennifer Lopez

Is Jennifer Lopez living on a diet of spinach in a desperate effort to become pregnant? According to the news, Jennifer Lopez have to eat omelettes for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch and sautéed spinach with every dinner, in order to get pregnant.

Because of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's secret wedding on June 5, 2004, immediately rumors began that Jennifer Lopez was pregnant. Lopez had said in the past that, as a practicing Catholic, she would never have a baby without being married.

Jennifer Lopez has become a stepmother to Anthony's two sons, from a previous relationship, and from some time now the Latin pop singer/actress wants to get pregnant as she was spotted shopping for baby clothes.

Since my doctor recommended it I've been on spinach omelettes for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch and sautéed spinach with every dinner. I guess if the spinach doesn't help me conceive, I'll still end up with Popeye-sized muscles.
- Jennifer Lopez is quoted as saying -


Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria to team up

Eva Longoria

According to the news, Latin celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria are set to team up as sisters for an upcoming movie, which will reportedly begin shooting in September. The film tells the tale of "two sisters, both Hollywood stars, who fall out and dish the dirt on each other to the press," according to the Sky News website. Not only that Jennifer Lopez has penned the script for the comedy project, but is also reportedly trying to persuade Eva Longoria to opposite her. No other details are known, but one thing is for sure, both actresses are eager to team up for the big screen and for the movie success.