Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PETA' plans for Jennifer Lopez 'Glow After Dark' fragrance

Jennifer Lopez

Another war between PETA activists and Jennifer Lopez, this time has something to do with the launch of Jennifer Lopez's 'Glow After Dark' fragrance. Reports say that PETA intents to include one of their own members among a group of young women who hope to be one of Lopez's 'Glow Girls' and take part in her online project, the Glow After Dark Show.

As a recall, some time ago PETA attacked Jennifer Lopez for using fur in her fashion range at one of her film premiere when People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) staged an anti-fur demonstration outside the An Unfinished Life premiere with posters of animals slaughtered for their fur with the slogan `Here’s Another Unfinished Life.’

If her cover is blown, you can be sure that PETA has something else up its sleeve. It's all part of PETA's relentless campaign to campaign to convince the Monster-In-Law star to stop flaunting pelts.
- A PETA spokesperson explained -

[from thecelebrityblog.com]


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