Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez team for a lingerie range?

Victoria Beckham

According to Britain's Daily Star news, the two female celebrities Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are planning to launch a lingerie range together. It seems everything started at Celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding when Victoria and Jennifer started discussing design ideas. Jennifer Lopez already has her own fashion label Sweetface while Victoria Beckham runs fashion line is called Rock and Republic, a combination of the two for a lingerie range would certainly do the trick.

At some point, according to the newspaper sources, the Latin Celebrity Jennifer Lopez asked Victoria some of her script writing tips. That is strange, from what I know Victoria is kind of a mess when it comes to writing tips, lets not forget that for her book in fashion tips, “That Extra Half An Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything In Between”, has been “co-written” by fashion journalist Hadley Freeman. More...

Jennifer thought Victoria was a real character and very much hopes they can stay friends now they have met. They talked about the film industry and then their shared love - fashion. Jennifer thinks the pair could be capable of developing a seriously sexy range. [...] Jennifer is in the process of writing a couple of films, one of which is a real chick flick about two sisters who get separated at birth but are later reunited. She hopes Victoria will lend a hand if needs be and give her opinions on the script.
- A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper -

[from thecelebrityblog.com]


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